Wyoming: Success to report in defeat of gun-free zone bill

Am I Next

As we alerted on January 18, Senate File 75 had only 30 days to pass before the yearly session ended. It would have eliminated many areas where guns are not allowed including colleges. Fortunately, the bill was defeated in a Senate committee with no one speaking in favor of the bill.

The Bill

Senate File 75/House Bill 183 would have:

  • Allowed anyone to bring their guns to any government or legislative meeting.
  • Allowed any guns at any college event.
  • Allowed teacher and college facility to have guns.
  • Disallowed any community from making its own sort of restrictions on guns.

From the Casper Star Tribune:

Noticeably absent from Wednesday’s testimony, however, was the pro-gun lobby, who according to two sources never expected the bill to clear the committee.

“Why wasn’t the state NRA or the Wyoming Gun Owners here?” said Sen. Anthony Bouchard, R-Cheyenne, the bill’s main sponsor. “Ask me that question.”