Woman misses shooting an intruder, hits her husband instead

Oklahoma City, March 4, 2022

The story uncovered by the Oklahoma City Police seems fishy. The investigation continues, but the couple’s telling of the incident seems vague. The couple did not call the police after Crystal Barnes shot her husband Brent. A neighbor made the call after hearing shots fired.

The couple told police this story: An intruder entered the home and demanded money from Brent. Brent told Crystal to shoot the intruder. Crystal then used their gun in an attempt to shoot the intruder, but instead shot Brent twice, once in the stomach and once in the arm. The report on New9.com said he is recovering in the hospital.

The story related seems fishy. They couple didn’t call the police. No intruder has been located. The intruder didn’t shoot first, and that Crysal is such a bad shot as to shoot her husband.

Everyone involved, including the Police and news reporters, called this an accident. It may be an unintentional shooting, but it wasn’t an accident. Oklahoma allowed this woman to own and use a gun with no required licensing or training. Crashing a car with no license or training is something bound to happen, just like this shooting.

  • News 9