Wisconsin: The NRA just frightened gun owners

NRA tank cartoon

“Your action is needed.” That message was broadcast Friday by the NRA to their Wisconsin members. The NRA continued with: “contact your state legislators…Governor Evers revealed Democrats’ real agenda: taking away firearms that are lawfully owned, which is unacceptable.”

The NRA’s real agenda, of course, is to sell more guns; but, they say they just want to save the Second Amendment. To be sure, the two measures requested by Governor Evers: An “Extreme Risk Protection Orders” law and universal background checks, won’t prevent a licensed and trained gun owner’s possession of his favorite gun.

What prompted this NRA alert? Governor Evers said he may decide to push for a special session to legislate these two measures. The gun group doesn’t want this discussion to even happen.

So, we urge gun violence prevention citizens to also contact their State legislators.  Please call or email your state legislators. Ask that they support the Governor’s effort for gun safety.

  • To find your representatives and senators phone and email, enter your address at this website.
  • See our Advocacy page for guidelines in contacting your legislator.