Wisconsin: Special session announced to consider gun control

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On Monday, Governor Tony Evers announced a special session of the legislature will begin on November 7th. He is determined to bring gun violence prevention measures up for debate in the legislature. The two measures, Extreme Risk Protection Orders and Universal Background Checks are both very popular among the general public. Yet the Republican legislature, afraid to act for fear of the NRA and their determined single-issue voters fought against scheduling the session.

The NRA alerted their members to contact their legislators urging them to vote against the two bills. Their dedicated members will call and email. Those in favor of gun violence prevention need to show the same effort.

The Bills

  • Extreme Risk Protection Order would give judges the power to take guns away from people deemed to be a threat to themselves or other.

In September, Marquette University Law School released a poll showing that 80% of respondents support a universal background check proposal. This does not matter to the Republican controlled legislature which will fight this legislation.

  • Universal Background Checks would prohibit a person from selling or transferring any firearm unless it occurs through a federally licensed firearms dealer and involves a background check of the prospective transferee.

This law would close a loophole in Wisconsin law allowing those who would not pass a background check to purchase a gun at a gun show or on-line.


Please call or email the office of your state Senator and Representative. Urge them to support Extreme Risk Protection Orders and Universal Background Checks.

  • To find your representatives and senators phone and email, enter your address at whoaremyrepresentatives.org.
  • See our Advocacy page if you’d like guidelines in contacting your legislator.