Wisconsin: Republicans immediately kill special session


Not a wise move, in today’s world of gun violence, for Republican leaders in the Wisconsin Legislature to gavel out a special gun control session just after it began. Gun violence prevention policies have wide public approval after recent mass shootings around the country. Virginia Republicans now know what today’s gun safety aware public can do at election time. In the November election, voters switched both houses of the Virginia Legislature to Democratic.

The Wisconsin Legislature special session was to consider “Extreme Risk Protection Order” and “Universal Background check” legislation. These are gun control measures that will make all Wisconsin citizens safer. Governor Evers called this special session which began and ended on Thursday (11/07/19).

The NRA succeeded in Wisconsin because their members contacted their legislators. Several action alerts from the NRA frightened their gun owners into believing these are gun confiscation bills. The two measures are both very popular among the general public, yet the Republican legislature is afraid to act for fear of the NRA.

  • Extreme Risk Protection Order would give judges the power to take guns away from people deemed to be a threat to themselves or other.

In September, Marquette University Law School released a poll showing that 80% of respondents support a universal background check proposal. This does not matter to the Republican controlled legislature which will fight this legislation.

  • Universal Background Checks would prohibit a person from selling or transferring any firearm unless it occurs through a federally licensed firearms dealer and involves a background check of the prospective transferee.

This law would close a loophole in Wisconsin law allowing those who would not pass a background check to purchase a gun at a gun show or on-line.