Washington State 2019 Session Ends: Here’s the recap

Needlessly Ruining America

Some really good gun bills passed the legislature this year and were signed into law by Governor Inslee. Unfortunately, three good gun violence prevention bills failed to pass the legislature.

The Bills

Gun safety bills that passed

👍 House Bill 1739 bans home-made guns and undetectable guns.
👍 House Bill 1465 requires gun purchase checks be subject to the state background check even if the purchaser has a valid license.
👍 House Bill 1786 improves on the current “red flag” laws.
👍 Senate Bill 5027 includes minors deemed dangerous in the Extreme Risk Protection process.
👍 Senate Bill 5181 will suspend gun rights for those admitted for a 72-hour mental health evaluation.

Active gun safety bills that failed

👍 Senate Bill 5062 would limit magazines to only holding 10 bullets.
👍 Senate Bill 5174 would require prior training to receive a concealed gun license.
👍 Senate Bill 5434 would have banned guns from child care facilities.

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