Virginia Info: Special session begins today

Governor Northam’s special session to consider gun bills begins today (07/09). During the session, which could last only a day or continue longer than a week, the Republican slim majority intends to block progress of gun safety bills by stopping them in committee.

In a surprise move, Senator Norment, the Republican majority leader, submitted a bill to ban firearms from local government buildings. My speculation is he wants to offset an image of completely stonewalling on all gun bills, even though he really wants to.

From the Washington Post

Bills began to pour into the legislative hoppers on Monday. Democrats filed a series of measures, backed by Northam, aimed at reducing the availability or lethality of firearms. His priorities include a ban on devices that make guns fire faster or hold more bullets; limiting handgun purchases to one per month; instituting universal background checks; and allowing courts to seize weapons from someone deemed to be a threat.