Virginia: Full House vote coming soon on banning assault weapons.

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The House Public Safety Committee approved the assault weapons ban this week. The bill now moves to the full House of Delegates for a vote at any time.

The NRA sent out an alert to their members to contact their delegate urging them to oppose this bill. To counteract pro-gun calls and emails, gun sense voters are also urged call their delegates and urge them to support this bill.

The Bill

  • House Bill 961 would ban all assault weapons and magazine that hold more than ten rounds of ammunition. 👍


Please email or call your Virginia State Delegate and urge him or her to support HB 961 to ban assault weapons. These dangerous weapons serve no purpose in hunting or defense of the home.

  • To find your representative and senator’s phone and email, enter your address at Who are My Representatives.
  • Make sure you include your full name and address. Adding simple message from the heart is powerful. Keep it simple and make it personal if possible.
  • See our Advocacy page with legislator contact suggestions.
  • Comment on this alert at Stop Gun Madness.