Vermont Info: Governor Scott vetoes waiting period bill

Thoughts and Prayers

Gives into NRA member pressure

On June 5th, the NRA alerted their gun fanatical members to call the Governor urging him to veto S 169. The NRA opposed a 24-hour waiting period on the purchase of handguns. Apparently, members called and those concerned with gun violence didn’t. The NRA said this in early June: “it is very important that NRA Members and Second Amendment supporters contact Governor Scott at 802-828-3333 or by email and politely urge him to VETO S.169”.

Now, those who may rush out to buy a gun in anger or with suicide in mind, will not be slowed down. A 24-hour cooling off period would have saved lives.

The Bill

👍 Senate Bill 169 would have required a waiting period or a “cooling-off” period of 24 hours before receiving a gun.

From News 10

“Governor Scott’s veto is massively disappointing,” Senate President Pro Tempore Tim Ashe said in a statement Monday night.

“The Governor’s veto letter suggests we need to look to long-term strategies to rebuild our mental health system, or to address childhood poverty, or to tackle our addiction crisis. These strategies have scarcely registered in the Governor’s proposed budgets each year, and in any event will do little to nothing to prevent gun deaths in 2019 or 2020,” Ashe said.