Vermont 2019 Session Ends: Here’s the recap

Sign saying to end NRA

Last year, Governor Scott signed into law, numerous great gun safety bills. This year, he seems to have caved into NRA pressure. All he did was veto a sensible bill to require a waiting period of 24 hours after purchasing a gun.  Very disappointing.

The Bills

A good bill that got vetoed by Governor Scott

  • Senate Bill 169 would have required a waiting period or a “cooling-off” period of 24 hours before receiving a gun. 👍

Two NRA bills that failed

  • Senate 1 would allow, during competitions, ammunition magazines holding more rounds of ammunition than normal. Currently, the limit is 10 for assault rifles and 15 for handguns. 👎
  • Senate 2 and the similar Senate 13 would allow families to keep their large capacity ammunition magazines and pass them on to their children. 👎