Untrained gun owner expands a crime – to himself

Poster-Killing My Future

Allowing an untrained gun commando to carry a gun with him, often creates a greater risk to everyone than the original crime.

On Monday, February 14th in South Houston, a man named Tony Earls withdrew money from an ATM while in the car with his wife. An unknown suspect then robbed Earls and his wife. The suspect fled on foot. Earls pulled out his gun and began shooting. He mistakenly thought the suspect ducked into a pickup truck. So, Earls fired his weapon at the truck.

Inside the truck was the Alvarez family, uninvolved with the robbery. The father, becoming aware of the shooting, told his family to duck down in their seats. Nine-year-old Arlene Alvarez did not hear her father’s alert. She was listening something through her earphones. She did not know to duck and was shot.

With the girl in an ambulance being treated by medics, a witness observed her. “She just started coughing and crying, and she was speaking but it was in a real low, low voice, and her dad was talking to her trying to calm her down.” She later died of her wounds.

The robbery victims probably lost several hundred dollars of their withdrawal money. But the tragedy escalated when Earls in a vigilante type action, pulled out his gun, fired and killed an innocent young girl.  Quit possibly, a camera at the ATM might have led to the capture of the robber and without a gun involved, the little girl would still be alive.