The Root Cause of this Madness

Recently, a gun owner visiting a friend in Detroit, dropped her jacket on a chair. A handgun lay inside the jacket. The woman left to join the mom in another room. Meanwhile, the mom’s 3-year-old boy found the gun and shot himself. At last report, he survived in critical condition. Sometimes these gun owners are prosecuted, but in this case, it appears probably not.

In most states, an untrained citizen fancies a gun in their pocket. They walk into the local gun shop or gun show to pick up whatever deadly weapon they choose. Training not required. Very few states require training, licenses and locking up guns anymore.

The background check blocks known criminals from purchasing a firearm. But it can’t check for basic safety awareness. Only licensing and training requirements insure that. The gun buyer likely never hears the importance of locking up guns and keeping them away from children.

In most states, laws are getting worse. Lawmakers passed laws in 9 states decreasing or eliminating requirements for a gun license leading to more childhood deaths.

The NRA works for firearms manufacturers and sellers to increase their profits. Gun companies shield themselves from criticism by supporting the NRA to do the dirty work of lobbying and eliminating gun safety laws. This includes basic licensing, training and requirements to lock up firearms.