Texas: Two gun proliferation bills in committee Monday (5/13)

California gun protest

To many it sounds reasonable. Allow homeowners to carry their guns when evacuating from a disaster such as a hurricane resulting in flooding. But imagine extending these guns to everyone, licensed or not. Then imagine fighting for lifeboat access with the winner being the one with the biggest gun. Now you see how this macho selfish outlook ends in more anarchy and more deaths than the disaster itself caused. The bill is before the Texas Senate State Affairs Committee.

Preemption, the other bill before the committee, tries to create uniformity among gun laws. An objective indicative of valuing the convenience of gun owners over the rights of local communities to exercise their own freedom to make gun ordinances. Normally, Republicans highly value freedom. Not with this bill. The gun nuts want their convenience at the expense of freedom. The bill is also before the Texas Senate State Affairs Committee.

The Bills

👎 House Bill 1177 would temporarily allow anyone to bring their loaded guns with them when a mandatory evacuation order is given.

👎 House Bill 3231 would enforce preemption laws. These laws taking local control away from communities to make their own gun ordinances.

Tracking Progress of above bills: bold=passed, italics=bill location
In the House—>In Committee—>On House Floor—>Passed Chamber
In the Senate—>In Committee—>On Senate Floor—>Passed Chamber
—After Passage—>On Governor’s Desk—>Governor Signed—>Becomes Law


Please call or email the office of your state Senator. Ask for their opposition to HB 1177 and HB 3231.

  • To find your representatives and senators, enter your zip code at The League of Women Voters.
  • From the Indivisible Guide 2.0: Coordinated calls. Calls are a light lift, but can have an impact. Organize your local group to barrage your MoCs [legislators] with calls at an opportune moment about and on a specific issue.
  • Please forward to another concerned citizen to help build the barrage.

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