Texas: Gun control hearing on “red flag” law and background checks

Children with protest shirt on.

The Texas House Select Committee on Mass Violence Prevention & Community Safety will hold a hearing October 10 on several gun issues. Attendance at this meeting will show a concern from Texas citizens for gun violence prevention. Up to three-minute testimony will be taken from those present. Please consider attending this hearing.

The NRA alerted their members with: “it is critical that you attend this hearing to respectfully inform the committee that we don’t need failed, California-style gun control proposals to make us safer.” As usually, they will fight consideration of any gun safety measures in Texas.

I would say then that it is critical gun control people attend the hearing to say we need successful, California-style gun control proposals to make us safer. Please consider attending to offset NRA members with common sense gun reform ideas.

The Discussion Issues

  • The options for strengthening laws to preventing felons and others from receiving guns.
  • What prevents criminal data and other threat indicators from being reported to state and federal databases in a timely manner.
  • Ways to improve coordination between mental health professionals and government entities of threats indicated by extreme risk persons.


Please attend the discussion. The meeting will take place on Thursday, October 10, 9:00 am at the following location:

Brookhaven College
Building C Performance Hall
3939 Valley View Lane
Farmers Branch, TX 75244