Texas 2019 Session Ends: Here’s the recap


Gun safety failure against NRA power

The Republican Texas legislature, along with the Republican Governor, passed numerous NRA gun bills this year. Overall, the bills they passed will allow more guns in more places. Unfortunately, the Republicans blocked all gun safety bills.

Besides the bills listed below, they eliminated any limits on the number of trained teachers who can carry guns at school. Additionally, the budget has designated $100 million to install the following in schools:

  • metal detectors at school entrances
  • vehicle barriers
  • security systems that monitor and record school entrances, exits, and hallways
  • campus-wide active shooter alarm systems
  • perimeter security fencing
  • bullet-resistant glass or film for school entrances
  • door-locking systems

David Hogg of Parkland High School is right when he says in his speeches that protections like this make schools like a prison.

The Bills

NRA bills that passed into law

👎 House Bill 121 will allow gun nuts to enter stores with their loaded guns, even if a sign is displayed saying no guns allowed. The gun nut will only have to leave when asked.
👎 House Bill 1177 will temporarily allow anyone to bring their loaded guns with them for 1 week following a disaster declaration.
👎 House Bill 1143 will restrict school districts from regulating how guns are stored in cars on school grounds.
👎 House Bill 1791 will allow License to Carry gun holders to bring guns to government buildings.
👎 House Bill 302 will force an apartment building or a condo association to allow guns in their units and on the grounds.
👎 Senate Bill 535 will eliminate places of worship from being gun free zones.

NRA bills waiting for Governor’s signature

👎 House Bill 3231 would enhance preemption laws. These laws taking local control away from communities to make their own gun ordinances.
👎 House Bill 2363 would allow foster homes to store guns and ammunition in the same locked locations.

NRA bills that failed

👎 Senate Bill 117 would limit gun bans to only schools and school grounds allowing loaded guns in any other location with school activities.
👎 House Bill 3016 would allow gun license owners to have guns in their car that are visible or in a holster.

Gun safety bills that failed

👍 House Bill 1713 would have required persons convicted of family violence or subject to restraining orders to turn in their guns to authorities.
👍 House Bill 1207 would have required the reporting of lost or stolen guns within five days of becoming aware of the missing guns.
👍 House Bill 3191 would have required the surrender of guns by those subject to family violence protective orders.
👍 House Bill 1236 would have required public colleges and universities to opt-out of the campus carry law. This will allow them to keep guns off their campuses.
👍 House Bill 2280 would have eased the signage and notification requirement making it a little easier for property owners to exclude licensed gun owners from their property.

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