Tennessee 2019 Session Ends: Here’s the recap

A summary of gun safety bill legislation activity for 2019 in Tennessee is very disappointing. A Republican majority passed into law three bills that make purchasing and owning a gun easier. The Republicans also prevented good gun safety bills from passing.

The Bills

NRA bills that passed into law

  • Senate Bill 705 and House Bill 1264 will create a new more easily obtained concealed weapons license. Colleges will be the only place it won’t be allowed. 👎
  • Senate Bill 403 / House Bill 167 will mandate prison sentences of 30 days for gun theft and place no obligation on the gun owner to keep their guns safe. 👎
  • House Bill 187 will prevent any government group from making regulations or ordinances that restrict privately owned shooting ranges. 👎

NRA bills that died

  • House Bill 409 is a stand-your-ground bill that would have allowed gunmen to shoot others whenever they feel threatened. 👎
  • House Bill 1380 and Senate Bill 1399 would have allowed teachers, with no training or licensing, to carry loaded guns in the classroom. Schools would have no discretion in this regard. 👎

Gun safety bills that died

  • House Bill 1427 would have required all sales and gifts of guns pass a “universal background check.” 👍
  • House Bill 1476 would have required the locked storage of guns in a car or a boat when left unattended or with a person under 18. 👍
  • Senate Bill 1178 would have created a “red flag” type law that would allow family or authorities to remove guns from a dangerous person. 👍
  • House Bill 1428 would have restricted youth under 21 from being given guns if they are too young to purchase. 👍
  • House Bill 1427 would have required all sales and gifts of guns pass a “universal background check.” 👍
  • Senate Bill 1025/House Bill 1224 would have required that in order to receive guns from a convicted domestic violence offender, an affidavit must be filed with the court stating the receiver is legally allowed to receive them. 👍