Summary First Half 2018: We beat the NRA 23 to 6!

Tipping point for the NRA

During the first six months of 2018, throughout the country, 23 gun violence prevention bills passed into law versus only 6 passed for the NRA. We beat the NRA 23 to 6. On top of that, gun violence prevention bills surpassed the NRA bills in significance.

Bills Becoming Law

The gun control bills that passed were: eliminating bump stocks, “Red Flag” laws, increasing minimum age of purchase to 21, improving background checks, restricting magazine capacity and restricting guns during domestic violence restraints.

The only significant legislation that the NRA got passed was “stand your ground” legislation in Utah and Wyoming.

Parkland Florida High School Shooting

Significant events year to date included the Parkland Florida High School shooting in February, the massive “March for Our Lives” protests in March and rising student activism. Protesters are awakened and prepared to vote this November. Determination levels to beat the NRA voter block this November remain high.

NRA Priorities Failed

NRA priorities went nowhere. They tried to pass: national reciprocity between states, allowing silencers, switching from “duty to retreat” to “stand your ground”, eliminating gun licenses, and allowing guns in more schools and colleges. None of their priorities made much progress.

Bills Blocked

Unfortunately, the NRA blocked sensible gun regulation legislation everywhere. Good bills died and many more remain dormant. Assault weapons ban legislation failed to pass in any state. “Red Flag” bills stalled in many states. They also blocked age restrictions, closing gun show loopholes, enforced training and licensing, locked gun requirements and serial number tracing.


We beat the NRA 23 to 6. We all became more engaged by contacting our legislators and working on campaigns. There are signs that our grassroots efforts are working, but there is still a lot of work to do.

Gun Violence Prevent Bills that Passed

Background Checks Improvements

Bump Stock Restrictions

Domestic Violence Restriction Improvements

Extreme Risk Protection Orders

 Justification Now Required for Concealed Weapon

License Fee Increase

Magazine Capacity Restrictions

Minimum Purchase Age Raised

 Waiting Period to Purchase Improvements

Gun Violence Bills


Gun Free Zone Locations Decreased

Guns in Cars Allowed

Hunting on Sundays Allowed

Stand Your Ground Becomes Law