Get alerts for your state

Specifically for gun safety advocates who contact legislators

I don’t ask for any money from you. All I want if for you to make a few contacts with their legislators. Along with that, I don’t share emails or add emails without permission.

I started this project feeling: If I manage to encourage even a few voters to call their legislators, I’ve succeeded. That is enough to make a difference in a few gun laws and just maybe, save someone’s life.

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How we can oppose the NRA

  1. I monitor the NRA and gun reform groups for legislative action alerts. After all, they know exactly when to alert, and it may be only days before a vote.
  2. I select email subscribers living in that state and send an alert recommending actions for gun reform advocacy.
  3. Concerned citizens contact the office of their senator or representative voicing opposition to the NRA position. This action makes a powerful statement for sensible gun reform. It is very quick and effective.