Active gun bills currently moving through the legislative process in 2022

The NRA alerts their members to contact their legislators and advocate for or against active firearm related bills. The NRA knows when to send the alerts for the most effective impact. This is a list of those bills verified by

StateDescription (click to sort)Bill NumberGun Safety?
AlabamaConcealed carry - eliminates license *PASSED*HB 272Harms
AlaskaGuns during emergencies - forbids restrictions *FAILED*SB 136,HB 179Harms
AlaskaLocking ups guns - requiring *FAILED*HB 203Helps
ArizonaAge restrictions - allows lower ages *FAILED*HB 2489Harms
ArizonaBanks must loan to gun businesses - requiresHB 2472/2473Harms
ArizonaGun licenses - decreases requirementsSB 1177Harms
ArizonaGun prohibited areas - decreasesHB 2316Harms
ArizonaGun tax exemption - expandsHB 2166Harms
ArizonaGuns and schools - allowing in carsHB 2414Harms
ArizonaGuns and schools - allows in collegesSB 1123Harms
CaliforniaGhost guns - bans *PASSED*AB 2156Helps
CaliforniaGun advertising - limits for childrenAB 2571Helps
CaliforniaGun businesses - allows to be sued *PASSED*AB 1594Helps
CaliforniaGun licenses - decreases requirementsAB 2023Harms
CaliforniaGun shows - adds restrictions on ghost gunsAB 2552Helps
CaliforniaGun shows- restricts on state property *PASSED*SB 915Helps
CaliforniaGun stores - requires in store video SB 1384Helps
CaliforniaGun trafficking - individuals can sue. *PASSED*SB 1327Helps
CaliforniaGuns and schools - disclose home possession *FAILED*SB 906Helps
ColoradoConcealed carry - eliminates licenseHB 1033Harms
ColoradoGun prohibited areas - increases around polling places *PASSED*HB 1086Helps
CongressBackground checks - improves for assault weapons purchase under 21.HR 7910Helps
CongressExtreme risk protection - authorizes for statesHR 1153Helps
CongressAssault weapons - bansHB 1808Helps
ConnecticutAssault weapons - eases restrictions *FAILED*HB 5415Harms
ConnecticutAssault weapons - restricts *FAILED*SB 16Helps
ConnecticutGun purchases - limits *FAILED*HB 5416Helps
ConnecticutStand your ground - expands *FAILED*HB 5421/SB 388Harms
DelawareAge requirement - 21 for all but shotguns *PASSED*HB 451Helps
DelawareAssault weapons - banned for new buyers *PASSED*HB 450Helps
DelawareBackground checks - improves *PASSED*HB 423Helps
DelawareGun dealer legal protection - reduces *PASSED*SB302Helps
DelawareMachine gun definition - improvesSB 8Helps
DelawareMagazine capacity - restricts *PASSED*SB 6Helps
GeorgiaConcealed carry - eliminates license *PASSED*HB 1358/SB 319Harms
GeorgiaGun restricted areas - allowing guns in churchesSB 259Harms
GeorgiaReciprocity - expands *PASSED*HB 218Harms
HawaiiGun licenses - decreases requirementsSB 3043Harms
HawaiiStand your ground - expandsHB 2464Harms
IdahoGuns during emergencies - forbids restriction *PASSED*SB 1262Harms
IdahoGuns during emergencies - forbids restrictions *PASSED*HO 705Harms
IllinoisAssault weapons - bansSB 2510Helps
IllinoisBackground checks - improvesSB 568 Amendment 1Helps
IllinoisExtreme risk protection - repeals parts of it.HB 2541Harms
IllinoisGhost guns - bans *PASSED*HB 4383Helps
IllinoisGun prohibited areas - expandsHB 4296Helps
IllinoisLocking up guns - requiresSB 1855Helps
IllinoisMicrostamping - requiresHB 2769Helps
IllinoisStolen guns - lose licenseHB 3661Helps
IllinoisStolen guns - must report themHB 3144Helps
IndianaConcealed carry - eliminates license *PASSED*HB 1296Harms
IowaGun prohibited areas - decrease *FAILED*SF 2250Harms
KansasConcealed carry - license for life at 5 years old *PASSED*HB 2456Harms
KansasGun business - all must do business with them.SB 482Harms
KansasSeized guns - disposes of themHB 2681Helps
LouisianaPreemption - weakensHB 209Helps
MaineExtreme risk protection - improves *FAILED*LD 1068Helps
MarylandGhost guns - bans *PASSED*SB 387Helps
MarylandGun dealers - adds safety requirements *PASSED*HB 1021Helps
MarylandGun licenses - decreases requirementsHB 871Harms
MarylandGun licenses - decreases requirementsHB 1174Harms
MarylandGun licenses - decreases requirementsHB 1206Harms
MassachusettsAssault weapons - bansSB 2607,HB 4303Helps
MassachusettsGun data analysis - improvesHB 2437Helps
MassachusettsGun licenses - increases requirements H 5046 Amend 13Helps
MassachusettsGuns in vehicles - expand for out-of-statersHB 2536Harms
MassachusettsMinimum age for guns - raisesHB 1826,S 920Helps
MassachusettsPreemption - expandsHB 2512Harms
MichiganExtreme risk protection - improvingSB 856,857,858Helps
MichiganGun licenses - decreases requirementsHB 4003Harms
MichiganGuns during emergenciesHB 5187Harms
MissouriGun businesses - Banks forced to loan to.SB 1048Harms
MissouriGuns in vehicles - allows on buses & cars *FAILED*HB 1462,HB 1660Harms
NebraskaConcealed carry - eliminates license *FAILED*LB 773Harms
New HampshireBackground checks - improves *FAILED*HB 1668Helps
New HampshireGun prohibited areas - expands around polling places *FAILED*HB 1096,HB1151Helps
New HampshireGuns in vehicles - allows in snowmobiles *PASSED*HB 1636Harms
New HampshirePreemption - expandsHB 307Harms
New JerseyIllegal possession- improves lawsA 2426Helps
New MexicoGuns and schools - restrictsHB 68Helps
New MexicoLocking up guns - requires - *FAILED*HB 9Helps
New MexicoMagazine restrictions - improvesHB 156Helps
New YorkGhost guns - bans *PASSED*S 7796Helps
New YorkGun data analysis - improves *PASSED*S 7760Helps
New YorkGun license - increases requirementsSO 6659Helps
New YorkGun seizures - improvesS06363Helps
New YorkLicensing - adds for assault weapons *PASSED*S09458Helps
New YorkLocking up guns - requiresSO 8164Helps
New YorkMultipleSafe ActHelps
OhioConcealed carry - eliminates license *PASSED*SB 215Harms
OhioGuns during emergencies - forbids restrictionsHB 325Harms
OklahomaGun companies - restricts Goverment contractsHB 3144Harms
PennsylvaniaPreemption - expands *VETOED* HB 979Harms
Rhode IslandMagazine capacity - reduce to 10H6614Helps
South DakotaDefining a loaded gun - when it is almost ready to fireHB 1162/SB 570 *PASSED*Harms
South DakotaGun licenses - decreases fees *PASSED*SB 212Harms
South DakotaStand-your-ground - expands *PASSED*SB 195Harms
TennesseeAge restrictions - allows lower agesHB 1735Harms
TennesseeExtreme risk protection - repealsHB 1588Harms
TennesseeGun buybacks - encouragesHB 1830Helps
TennesseeGun licenses - decreases requirementsHB 1898Harms
TennesseeGun licenses - decreases requirementsHB 2330Harms
TennesseeGuns in vehicles - requires locking upHB 2087Helps
TennesseeLocking up guns - requiresHB 2620Helps
US CongressAssault weapons - bansHB 1808Helps
US CongressTrace data - makes publicHB 2814Helps
UtahBackground checks - improving *FAILED*HB 133Helps
UtahPreemption - expands *PASSED*SB 115Harms
VermontGun prohibited areas - expands *PASSED*SB 30Helps
VirginiaBackground checks - eliminatesSB 644Harms
VirginiaExtreme risk protection - repeals *FAILED*HB 509Harms
VirginiaGhost guns - bansSB 310/HB 399Helps
VirginiaGun licenses - decreases requirements *FAILED*HB 204Harms
VirginiaGun theft - reporting requirement eliminated *FAILED*HB 325Harms
VirginiaGun training - weakensHB 292Harms
VirginiaGun violence - establishes an agencySB 487Helps
VirginiaHunting on Sundays - allowingSB 8Harms
VirginiaLicense fees - reducesHB 10Harms
VirginiaLocation restrictions - eliminatesHB 513,HB 1166Harms
VirginiaLocking up guns - requiresHB 590Helps
VirginiaPreemption - expands *FAILED*HB 827Harms
Washington State Assault weapons - bans *FAILED*SB 5217Helps
Washington State Ghost guns - bans *PASSED*HB 1705Helps
Washington State Gun prohibited areas - expands around polling placesHB 1618Helps
Washington State Gun prohibited areas - expands for meetings *PASSED*HB 1630Helps
Washington StateMagazine restrictions - improves *PASSED*SB 5078Helps
Washington State Preemption - reduces *FAILED*SB 5568Helps
Washington StateProtection orders - expandsHB 1901Helps
West VirginiaGuns in vehicles - allowing in cars *PASSED*HB 4048Harms
WisconsinAge requirement - lowersAB 498Harms
WisconsinConcealed carry - eliminates licenseSB 619Harms
WisconsinGun companies - legal protections *VETOED*SB 570Harms
WisconsinGun prohibited areas - decreasesSB 484Harms
WisconsinGun prohibited areas - decreases *FAILED*AB 495Harms
WisconsinReciprocity - expands *FAILED*AB 518Harms