So many guns that the back porch is not safe anymore

Thoughts and Prayers

Firearms promoters make us believe that owning a gun in the home makes us safer. But no matter how protected you think you are owning a gun, it cannot protect in every situation.  Take for example the recent shooting of a girl doing nothing more than sitting on her back porch.

Police answered a call this past Saturday in Athens Texas. They found adults attempting to revive an 8-year-old child shot in the head on the back porch the home. The child died of the injuries. Authorities are investigating who fired the gun. The shot came from the woods behind the house.

America allows easy access to guns to allow the easy freedom to defend self and family. The resulting proliferation of guns seems to make protection more important. Unfortunately, defense seldom works out ok. In this situation, a gun in the home couldn’t help at all.