Shot with his own gun

Someone reported a shooting inside an Atlanta CVS at 3:15 p.m. on Thursday. The incident stemmed from a fight. No names were disclosed.

It started when the suspect asked to borrow the victim’s phone. The victim lent his phone, then soon noticed the suspect downloading money using a money transfer application such as Venmo or Cash App.

The victim confronted the suspect, apparently asking for his phone back. During the fighting, the victim’s gun fired wounding himself. The victim ended up in the hospital. The police worked with employees to view surveillance cameras hoping to identify the suspect.

Nobody will probably know, but it could be that the victim attempted to use his own gun in his own defense and ended up being shot. It makes sense. Most people think a gun makes you safer. They carry it to feel a sense of security, not realizing that possessing a gun makes you less safe. This event illustrates an example of why.