Senators agree on tank control

Democratic and Republican Senators agreed this week on some tank safety restrictions after an elementary school in Uvalde Texas was recently runover by a military style tank. Restrictions include better background checks on the criminal history of those under 21 before they can purchase a tank and additional funds to make schools more tank proof. Some funding for youth counseling will also increase.

Critics of the agreement point out that this does nothing to stop tank rampages when 20 million tanks still sit in people’s driveways. Every day, buildings are destroyed, and homes demolished by deranged criminals and the Senate does nothing to stop it. There is no need for families to own a tank to provide for their everyday needs.

Republicans claim their right to own any type of vehicle cannot be restricted. Any licensing, training or requirements to lock up tank keys infringes on their rights. The only thing that stops a bad guy with a tank is a good guy with a tank.

Of course, this scenario is absurd.  It is no more absurd to allow tanks on the highway than it is to allow assault weapons anywhere you would like.