Rhode Island: Governor allows gun stores to remain open

Governor Gina Raimondo banned all non-essential businesses from continuing to operate during the pandemic crisis. However, normally a supporter of gun violence prevention, she allowed gun stores to remain open. This goes against sensible public health policy for two reasons:

  • The purpose of closing businesses is to stop the virus spread. Every type of business left open increases the spread of the virus.
  • Gun groups try to frighten citizens into fears of public panic. The subtle message they use is, you need a gun to protect your family from those desperate for food. Now is the perfect time to frighten the public to buy more guns, but they need the gun business to churn away as normal to sell those guns.

March 22, 2020

Rhode Island: Gov. Raimondo issues background check emergency order

This past week, Governor Raimondo issued an order to extend background check time period from 7 to 30 days. During the coronavirus emergency, the 7 day period is too short. If unable to complete it during that time, the purchaser of guns can receive them anyway.

NRA strategy

The pro-gun group requested their members contact the Governor and urge her to rescind this order.

The bill

  • Executive Order 20-07 issued by Gov. Raimondo, temporarily increases the completion time of a background check from 7 to 30 days. This allows more time to complete the checks because if not completed, the purchaser can receive the guns anyway. 👍 Like


Please contact the office of Governor Gina Raimondo. Thank her for issuing Executive Order 20-07. During this time of emergency, it will keep citizens safer.

  • Adding a simple message from the heart is powerful. Keep it simple and make it personal if possible. Make sure you include your full name and address.

March 11, 2020

Rhode Island: Hearing for tonight postponed until further notice

I just received a notice from Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence. The gun safety bill hear scheduled by the House Judiciary Committee for tonight is postponed. The reason is the growing concern about large gatherings due to the corona virus.

March 8, 2020

Rhode Island: Committee hearing Wednesday needs gun safety people

This Wednesday, March 11, the House Judiciary Committee will hear testimony on five gun control bills. Legislators need to know they have the support of citizens concerned about gun violence prevention.

Contacting you legislators is quick. But even more effective is to show visibility by attending the hearing. I attended a Rhode Island legislative hearing last year and was alarmed at the lop-sided pro-gun enthusiast’s presence. They will show a large presence.

NRA strategy

The NRA alerted their members to “make their presence known by showing up at the Statehouse to oppose these gun control measures.” In addition, members were asked to contact their representatives.

The bills

  • 7263 bans assault weapons. 👍 Like
  • 7264 bans magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition. 👍 Like
  • 7327 increases the age from eighteen to twenty-one of those allowed to possess firearms or ammunition. 👍 Like
  • 7715 prohibits the possession of guns on school grounds, other than law enforcement people. 👍 Like
  • H 7720 mandates the secure storage of guns. 👍 Like


The hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, March 11 in Room 101 at about 4 PM. Visibility is significant. But also, please call or email the office of your Rhode Island State Representative. Request that they support H. 7263, 7264, 7327, 7715 and 7720.

  1. To find your representative and senator’s phone and email, enter your address at Common Cause.
  2. Keep it simple and make it personal if possible. Make sure you include your full name and address.

February 2, 2020

Rhode Island: Five gun safety bills introduced

Governor Raimondo and the Democratically controlled legislature – with our support – can pass some good gun control bills this year. However, NRA resistance and determination are high.

One week ago, in a show of force, NRA members filled the Statehouse by the thousands. Now they are calling on their members to contact Representative and Senators to oppose these bills.

Gun violence prevention progress needs citizens to counteract their determination by supporting their Rhode Island State legislators.

The Senate already passed S.2004A to ban 3D and “ghost guns.” Expect the other bills to be heard in committee soon.

The Bills

  • 2004A would ban 3D and “ghost guns.” These guns are undetectable by metal detectors. 👍 Like
  • 7327 would increase the age when someone can purchase firearms from 18 to 21. 👍 Like
  • 2130 would ban magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition. No one needs high capacity magazines to protect their homes or for hunting. 👍 Like
  • 2131 would ban semi-automatic rifles or assault weapons. 👍 Like