Pennsylvania: Chairman Kauffman blocks gun safety progress

18 century laws

Four days ago, we alerted subscribers in Pennsylvania of an upcoming public discussion by the Pennsylvania House Judiciary Committee on gun control issues. The result of the hearing was a complete blockage of any gun violence prevention bills this year. Committee Chairman Rob Kauffman led the stoppage.

Prior to the hearing, the NRA alerted their members to attend the meeting demonstrating their opposition to the discussion. Thank you to those of our subscribers in Pennsylvania who also showed up. The public supports gun control but gun fanatics show up to hearings.

Topics discussed

  • A prohibition of semi-automatic firearms
  • A ban of high capacity magazines
  • A “red flag” law
  • Requirements for universal background checks
  • Requirements to lock up guns

Opinion article from the Bradford ERA

The chairman took up the familiar mantra of those who oppose such common-sense measures, saying his focus will be on “making sure that guns stay out of the hands of criminals.” He is ready to stand a wary guard against any intrusion into a citizen’s Second Amendment rights.