Pennsylvania: Pressure needed on Senate and House Chairpersons

I received an alert yesterday (10/03) from Cease Fire PA. They’ve requested Pennsylvania voters make a quick call to Representative Rob Kauffman and to Senator Lisa Baker, both committee chairpersons, asking them to hold votes in their committees on Extreme Risk Protection Orders legislation.

Extreme Risk Protection Orders would allow family and authorities to remove guns from a person deemed to be dangerous.

On September 26, I sent an alert describing how Rep Kauffman, Chairman of the Pennsylvania House Judiciary Committee, led the blockage of an ERPO bill this year. As was true then and is now, he could hold a committee vote any time on ERPO. The likely vote would be positive and the committee would release the vote to the House floor for a full House vote.


Please call or email the office of House Judiciary Chair Rob Kauffman (717) 705-2004. All you have to say is “I’m calling to ask the chairman to hold a vote on Extreme Risk Protection Orders. This bill will save lives.”

Also, please call Senator Lisa Baker (717) 787-7428 on the Senate side. Ask her the same thing.

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