Pennsylvania: Campaign this week to advocate for gun safety

I received this plea from Squirrel Hill Stands Against Gun Violence:

Members of Squirrel Hill Stands Against Violence met with Senator Pat Toomey today. Unfortunately, Senator Toomey is not supporting universal background checks and has no plans to do so. He appeared unmoved by the appeals of survivors of the Tree of Life shooting. While the senator states that he supports closing the ‘gun show loophole’ for background checks, he has not introduced legislation to do so. He left the door open to further meetings and we intend to keep pushing but he needs to hear from you. Please call Senator Toomey’s office, tell him you want universal background checks and that gun safety is the issue you vote on.

The Bill

  • SB90 is an extreme risk protection order bill (red flag law) that enables family members or law enforcement to petition a judge to TEMPORARILY remove firearms from a person at risk of harming themselves or others. The bill has robust due process protections and penalties for false reporting.

Extreme risk protection order bills prevent suicides, homicides and mass shootings. Over 80% of Americans support ERPO type laws.


WHO TO CALL: The Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee are listed below in order of importance. Make one call or call them all, it’s up to you. Please start at the top of the list with Chairwoman Baker and, if you’re inclined to make more than one call (or her line is busy), continue down the list in order.

Suggested Script

Dear Legislator,

My name is <NAME> . I live in Pennsylvania and my zip code is <ZIP CODE>. I’m calling today to show my support for SB90, the Extreme Risk Protection Order bill, sponsored by Senator Killion. I support this legislation because <see list above for reasons or insert your own>. If you have a personal story that is relevant – tell it here

Lisa Baker (717) 787-7428
Joseph Scarnati (717) 787-7084
Mike Regan (717) 787-8524
Scott Martin (717) 787-6535
John Gordner (717) 787-8928
Camera Bartolotta (717) 787-1463
Joe Pittman (717) 787-8724
Wayne Langerholc (717)787-5400
Gene Yaw (717) 787-3280
Lawrence Farnese (717) 787-5662
Maria Collett (717) 787-6599
Art Haywood (717) 787-1427
John P Sabatina (717) 787-9608
Steven Santarsiero (717) 787-7305

  • To find your representatives and senators phone and email, enter your address at org.
  • See our Advocacy page if you’d like guidelines in contacting your legislator.