Pennsylvania: Committee to hear gun issues

Thought you were pro-life sign.

Be aware, the NRA alerted their members to protest by showing up at a hearing this week demonstrating their opposition to a discussion of better gun safety laws in Pennsylvania.

Generally, lots of pro-gun people show up at these meetings. Here is your chance for a visible display of your feelings. On Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon, the Pennsylvania Judiciary Committee will discuss gun issues, but no particular legislation will be addressed.

Discussion Topics

  • A prohibition of semi-automatic firearms
  • A ban of high capacity magazines
  • A “red flag” law
  • Requirements for universal background checks
  • Requirements to lock up guns


Please attend the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing:

Tuesday, Sept. 24 – Wednesday Sept. 25
1:00pm to 4:00pm
Hearing Room 1, North Office Building

The Group Cease Fire Pennsylvania will hold a gathering before the hearing:

Join us Wednesday Sept. 25 before the second day of the Senate hearings at 12 noon in the North Office Building for a press conference.