Parents allowed one boy to shoot another. Police say, “…that’s accidental”

The Police in Federal Way Washington lack any common sense about gun safety. On Thursday, two boys aged 8 and 9 were playing with a loaded gun in their family’s apartment. The younger boy shot his 9-year-old brother who was airlifted in critical condition to the hospital.

The Police Commander Kurt Schwan said: “All this is, is firearm safety. If you have two children playing with a firearm, I would say that’s accidental. It’s a horrible situation for the family.”

He also said: “A situation like this, if the firearm had been properly stored where those children couldn’t get to it, it probably never would have occurred.” This quote indicates that the officer knows that you lock guns up away from children to protect them. He fails to connect that not locking loaded guns up is negligence. No matter how distraught the parents are, they were negligent and should go to jail.

Apparently, the parents will not be charged.  The officer simply said: “Our concern right now is making sure the family has everything that they need.”