Oregon: NRA legislators boycotted and killed an expansive gun safety bill


Legislators loyal to the NRA, boycotted legislative sessions until a wide-ranging gun safety bill was defeated. Democrats conceded on this and other bills to Republicans who refused to attend legislative sessions. The NRA made a point of thanking their gun nut members who attended hearings and contacted legislators. Those favoring gun control just didn’t have the same motivation.

The Bill

👍 Senate Bill 978 would have done the following:

    • Allow gun dealers the option of not selling to under 21.
    • Require the safe storage of guns.
    • Require the reporting of gun thefts.
    • Restrict minors from using guns.
    • Ban the home manufacture of firearms.
    • Allow local government entities to restrict guns from public buildings.
    • Increase concealed handgun license fees.

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