Oregon: Gun storage and eliminating preemption bills on the move

Abolish the NRA Sign

Both bills passed out of committee and could be before the full legislative bodies soon.  Requiring mandatory storage of guns is not simply a personal responsibility as pro-gun groups argue. If my child is visiting that home and gets shot by another child, it is not the child’s fault they got shot.

The NRA is fighting these two bills gun control type of bills. They’ve asked their members to make the calls, and they will. Citizens concerned about gun safety need to make the calls as well to let lawmakers know we care about gun deaths in Oregon.

The Bills

  • House Bill 4005 would require firearms be either stored in a locked safe or secured with a trigger lock. Any stolen guns would be a potential liability to the careless gun owner. 👍
  • Senate Bill 1538 would do away with the imposing preemption statute that prevents local communities from banning guns in places like schools. 👍



Please call or email the office of your Oregon State Representative and request that he or she support HB 4005. Also, call your State Senator and request that he or she support SB 1538. Both of these gun control bills will reduce gun deaths in Oregon.

  • To find your representative and senator’s phone and email, enter your address at Who are My Representatives.
  • Make sure you include your full name and address. Adding simple message from the heart is powerful. Keep it simple and make it personal if possible.
  • See our Advocacy page with legislator contact suggestions.
  • Comment on this alert at Stop Gun Madness.