NRA Exposed: Republicans to get less support from the NRA

Lives are more important than guns

Yesterday, the conservative newspaper the Washington Examiner described how Republicans are expecting less support from the NRA in the 2020 campaign cycle. The NRA was a huge Republican and Trump supporter in the 2016 election. Now, with reduced funds and turmoil at the top of the NRA, Republicans may have to rely less on the pro-gun group and be more willing to ignore the NRA’s unbending refusal to budge on gun violence prevention measures.

From the Washington Examiner

The NRA has been a key ally of the Republican Party, mobilizing critical support for President Trump in 2016. But a crippling civil war for control of the influential gun advocacy group has strained finances and sparked leadership changes, leaving Republicans in the trenches of the battle for the House and Senate, fearing it has gone astray. They are not planning on political muscle from the NRA next year.