NRA Exposed: Far-right calls for big changes at the NRA

Corporate NRA support

Why is the website Ammoland, a bigger advocate for eliminating gun laws than the NRA, harshly criticizing the NRA? In fact, the article linked to below confirms investigations into NRA problems reported by Bloomberg and The Trace. Uncovered during investigations are financial problems, layoffs, exorbitant salaries, cronyism and financial blunders.

In light of these problems, Ammoland is calling for big leadership changes at the NRA. Funny that drastic changes and turmoil were why the Russians used the NRA to get Trump elected.

From Ammoland:

The smoke our enemies have been pointing at is coming from real fires within the organization, [NRA] and it’s getting worse.

The financial woes have prompted an austerity campaign on Waples Mill Road, [NRA main office] laying off a number of employees, cutting back programs, and even doing away with coffee service for the staff. Meanwhile, the guy wielding the hatchet, and the rest of the NRA executive staff, are taking home exorbitant paychecks of a half-million to almost a million-and-a-half dollars a year, and crony parasites are sucking out tens of millions more, while the organization is operating millions of dollars in the red.

…leadership has made serious blunders in a variety of directions, from the heavy-handed roll-out of their CCW training/insurance program – NRA Carry Guard – to seriously questionable practices in the areas of fundraising and political contributions…