NRA Exposed: More disruption possible at the NRA convention this weekend

NRA President Oliver North resigned two days after his threatening letter to Wayne LaPierre. In the letter, he threatened to disclose unsavory information at the NRA Board meeting on Monday (4/28). Expect more disruption at the meeting as they attempt to right the ship; as the NRA battles financial problems, and negative publicity around extravagant salaries and law suites.  Undertones of disgruntled prominent gun owners may immerge with they hope to save the NRA organization itself.

A brief history

The NRA for its first 100 years, trained members in gun safety and gun skills. Their primary objective changed in 1977 with the organization takeover by a hardline gun group bent on achieving powerful political influence fueled by membership growth. Lead by Clifford Neal Knox, this successful takeover drastically changed the NRA. Then, five years later, he was ousted, eventually leading to Wayne LaPierre’s leadership.

NRA Unrest

Since Clifford Knox’s passing, his son, Jeff knox, himself a strong advocate for gun rights, has become a harsh critic of Wayne LaPierre’s “…inflated executive salaries, sweetheart deals to friends and family, and routine payments to vendors for unspecified services….”  He also writes, “The current NRA Board of Directors have a slim chance of saving the NRA from total ruin.” The NRA problems revolve around: “PR, fundraising and political spending.”

His frustration appears to be backed by the former NRA President, Marion Hammer, who is attending the convention for the first time in many years. Her purpose being to fix the serious NRA problems.

Interestingly, Knox and Hammer concur with Mike Spiers recent investigative reporting. Spiers, a gun reform advocate for the Trace, uncovered corruption and mismanagement in the NRA, receiving affirmation from both Knox and Hammer.

From the Trace

The NRA is now mainly a media company, promoting a lifestyle built around loving guns and hating anyone who might take them away.

…a small group of NRA executives, contractors, and vendors has extracted hundreds of millions of dollars from the nonprofit’s budget, through gratuitous payments, sweetheart deals, and opaque financial arrangements.