NRA Exposed: Dana Loesh thinks a constant fear of death is some kind of freedom

To the NRA, guns equal freedom. This how they boaster gun sales for their gun manufacturers. The guns the more freedom is what they want us to believe. Freedom to buy the gun we want and protect ourselves is supposedly what the second amendment is all about.

Dana Loesh, NRA spokesperson, described her vision of American schools on Fox News.

From Fox News:

Perimeter fences should be locked. Doors should be locked & monitored. You should have video security. If every layer fails, as a last line of defense, a teacher who is trained & capable of acting when needed to defend themselves & students.

Satirical Response From Esquire:

Do you feel free? Does your child? You should. A world where you cannot leave your house unarmed for fear of being shot to death by a complete stranger is the essence of freedom. A world where schools must be locked down like prisons, and teachers are encouraged to serve as guards, is truly free. That we are the only country that has this problem on this scale, and chooses to respond to it in this way, is proof that we are the most free.