NRA Exposed: Court battle to come between the NRA and their former PR firm

Corporate NRA support

The NRA, already facing court battles over its non-profit status, failed to settle out of court with their long-time PR firm, Ackerman-Queen. Both are suing each other of financial mismanagement of fees the NRA was supposed to pay Ackerman-Queen.

The best thing about this battle for gun control supports is that a long expensive battle will utilize funds otherwise used for political payments to legislators. Given that Republicans legislators at all levels of Government depend upon these payoffs, they might be more inclined to vote the people’s will than the NRA’s will.

From Newsweek

Attempted settlement talks between the National Rifle Association and its estranged PR firm have collapsed, raising the likelihood that controversies surrounding the gun-rights group will end up in a fiercely contested courtroom battle.