NRA Exposed: CNN expands on the 2015 Russian/NRA connection info

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Earlier this month, several House Democrats sent a letter to the NRA asking for more information about the 2015 trip to Russia by high level NRA members. The questions revolve around whether the trip was an official NRA trip to strengthen Russian ties and possible Russian financing of the Trump 2016 election via the NRA. While the NRA denies they sanctioned the trip, the House could subpoena NRA executives at some point.

Contrary to NRA denials of participation in the trip, CNN says it appears NRA official “played a significant role in planning the trip”.

From CNN:

The 2015 trip was orchestrated by former NRA president David Keene and Maria Butina, a Russian native who pleaded guilty in federal court in December to conspiring to act as a foreign agent. As part of her plea, she admitted to attempting to infiltrate Republican political circles and influence US relations with Russia before and after the 2016 presidential election.