New York: Legislature passes multiple gun reform bills

Teacher with Protest Sign

Tuesday (1/29), the New York legislature passed multiple gun measures that will help keep guns from dangerous people. The bills were submitted by Governor Cuomo, so he is expected to sign them. Thanks to those who advocated for passage of these bills.

The Bills

👍S.2451/A.2689 will establish a “Red Flag” procedure to allow family members to request the removal of guns from dangerous individuals.
👍S.2374/A.2690 will extend the allowed time for NICS verifications from three days to thirty days.
👍S.2448/A.2684 will ban bump stock type of devices that convert semi-automatic weapons to automatic weapons.
👍S101A/A1715A will prohibit schools from arming teacher.
👍S2438/A1213 will allow checking of mental health records of out of state residents who apply for a New York State gun permit.
👍S2449/A2685 will direct the New York State Police to begin a standard for gun buyback programs.