New Jersey Info: Four gun safety bills signed into law

On July 17, Governor Murphy signed four bills strengthening gun safety laws in New Jersey. The most notable, a bill requiring gun stores to offer smart guns. This offers homeowners an option to better secure their guns from theft and children. Congratulations to Governor Murphy and the State of New Jersey.

The Bills

  • A.5454/S.3897 will ban the sale or gift of guns to disqualified persons. The list of disqualified persons included convicted criminals, gang members or those underage. 👍
  • S.101 will require gun stores to offer smart guns that restrict their use to the gun owner. 👍
  • A.4449 will make it a crime to lie to a gun dealer about qualifications or for a dealer to sell to an unqualified person. 👍
  • A.3896 will establish suicide prevention programs and materials for gun dealers. 👍