New Jersey Alert: Hearing on five gun bills Thursday (6/13)

Abolish the NRA Sign

The New Jersey Legislature has a recent history of enacting many gun safety bills. Continuing the trend, the Assembly Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on five such bills this Thursday at 10 am. As expected, the NRA alerted their members today to oppose these bills. Please offset their opposition and support these gun safety measures. Attendance in person at the hearing would be helpful. If unable to attend please call the Committee Chair.

The Bills

👍 A.1016 would require gun stores sell only smart guns that would restrict their use to the gun owner.
👍 A.3696 would require guns be locked up.
👍 A.5452 would require training to obtain a Firearms Identification Card and that it be renewed every four years.
👍 A.5453 and A.5454 would ban the sale or gift of guns to disqualified individuals.
👍 A.5455 would require the reporting of ammunition sales and mandate development of an electronic system for firearm information.

Tracking bill progress of above bills: bold=passed, italics=location
In the Assembly—>In Committee—>On Assembly Floor—>Passed Chamber
—In the Senate—>In Committee—>On Senate Floor—>Passed Chamber
—After Passage—>On Governor’s Desk—>Governor Signed—>Becomes Law



A quick phone call is very effective. Please call or email the office of your Assemblywoman Annette Quijanostate (Chair)  (908) 327-9119. Ask that your support of Assembly Bills 1016,3696,5452,5453 and 5455 be registered with the committee.

  • To find your representatives and senators, enter your zip code at The League of Women Voters.
  • From the Indivisible Guide 2.0: Coordinated calls. Calls are a light lift, but can have an impact. Organize your local group to barrage your MoCs [legislators] with calls at an opportune moment about and on a specific issue.

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