New Hampshire: The NH House is voting today, 3/19, on four gun bills

Protest Rally

The NRA sent a late notice yesterday to their gun nut members to call their Representative today expressing their opinions on four pending House votes. The good bills include universal background checks, waiting periods for gun purchases, and a constitutional amendment to protect local communities right to make their own gun resolutions.

The bad gun bill is a stand-your-ground bill. These laws allow a white person to more easily shot a black person and claim self-defense.

The Bills

👍House Bill 109 would require all private sales of guns go through a Federal Firearm License check at a gun dealer.

👍House Bill 514 would require a seven day waiting period to receive a purchased gun.

👍Constitutional Amendment Concurrent Resolution 8 would protect local communities right to make local laws, specifically related to the 1st and 2nd amendments and their natural environment.

👎House Bill 208 would enact a stand-your-ground type of law allowing someone who feels they are threatened to shot the person.


Please call the office of your NH State Representative. Ask for support of HB 109, 514, and CACR8. Also, ask for opposition to HB 208.

  • To find your representatives and senators, enter your zip code at The League of Women Voters.
  • From the Indivisible Guide 2.0: Coordinated calls. Calls are a light lift, but can have an impact. Organize your local group to barrage your MoCs [legislators] with calls at an opportune moment about and on a specific issue.
  • Check out org for fast moving updates.