New Hampshire Info: Sununu vetoes three gun safety bills


The Governor’s veto came less than a week after the El Paso and Dayton massacres.

Voters, fired up for change in gun laws this week, didn’t deter Governor Sununu from vetoing three gun bills on Friday. All three would have reduced future shootings. Most voters are disturbed by the mass shootings, but Sununu’s friends at the NRA are pleased. They’ve asked their members to call his office and thank him for the veto. Disturbed voters should call the Governor’s office and complain.

The Bills

  • House Bill 109 would have required all private transfers of guns go through a licensed firearms dealer. 👍
  • House Bill 514 would have required a three day waiting period to receive a purchased gun. 👍
  • House Bill 564 would have made it unlawful to carry a gun in a safe school zone. Guns would need to stay in the car. 👍

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