New Hampshire: Override of Governor’s veto fails

student protest

Unfortunately, all three gun safety related bills failed to override Governor Sununu’s veto today. The New Hampshire House failed to muster the votes. Thanks to those who made the calls to their legislators in an effort to pass some sensible gun laws.

The Governor in his veto message, touted the New Hampshire culture of freedom. The freedom for his gun fanatics seems to override the freedom of other residents.

From US News

House Democrats fell short on bills that would have required background checks for commercial firearms sales, imposed a waiting period between the purchase and delivery of a firearm, and prohibited firearms on school property.

The Bills

  • House Bill 109 would have required all private transfers of guns to go through a licensed firearms dealer. 👍
  • House Bill 514 would have required a three day waiting period to receive a purchased gun. 👍
  • House Bill 564 would have made it unlawful to carry a gun in a safe school zone. Guns would need to stay in the car. 👍