New Hampshire: Hearing on ERPO bill Wednesday Oct 30

An Extreme Risk Protection Orders bill will be heard in committee on Oct 30. Also called the red-flag bill, it would allow family or police to request a judge issue a temporary order removing guns from someone who is an immediate risk to themselves or others.

My alert information comes from the NRA website. They alerted their members on Friday [10/25] to contact each of the New Hampshire State House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee members urging them to oppose House Bill 687. Unfortunately, their members can simply click a link to submit their opinion to members of the committee. Since this is easy to do and many will. I don’t have this service, so I suggest emailing the Committee Chairman, Representative Robert Renny Cushing. Ask that your opinion in favor of this bill be registered with the committee.

The NRA labels a red-flag bill as a gun seizure bill. They complain it will take guns away from people without due process. Actually, the process is to go before a Judge for an impartial judgment. A false filing could result in a misdemeanor offense. This is another erroneous argument from a group that never expresses a concern for anyone who have to live with the fear of gun violence.

Strangely, the NRA did not ask their members to attend the meeting. Usually they show a strong presence at committee meeting where gun issues are discussed. The meeting is open to the public and you are welcome to attend on October 30, 10:00 am in LOB 204.

Keep in mind, no gun violence prevention measures will progress into law without our support. Republicans know that pro-gun people help to get Republicans elected. Democrats need to learn that a spotlight on gun violence prevention will help to get Democrats elected.

The Bill

  • House Bill 687 would create an “Extreme Risk Protection Orders” process for families and authorities to request guns be removed from a dangerous person. 👍

17 states have passed red-flag gun laws. Five more are considering doing the same.


Please email the Office of Committee Chairman Representative Robert Renny Cushing. Urge the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee members to approve HB 687 to get guns temporarily away from dangerous people before they harm themselves or others. His contact information is Identify yourself and ask that your email be distributed to the committee.

  • See our Advocacy page if you’d like guidelines in contacting your legislator.