New Hampshire: Gun Control success as ERPO bill moves on to the full House

On Wednesday (10/30), Members of the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee voted 11 to 9 not to kill the Extreme Risk Protection Orders bill. It now moves on to the House floor for a full vote in January.

During the hearing, about a dozen obnoxious pro-gun fanatics held up a provocative sign with a swastika next to a number of Democratic Senators and Representatives. The floating heads above the cartoon flags were the sponsors of the ERPO bill. They included Sens. David Watters, of Dover; Jay Kahn, of Keene; Jeanne Dietsch, of Peterborough; Martha Hennessey, of Hanover; and Tom Sherman, of Rye, as well as Reps. Bob Backus, of Manchester; Debra Altschiller, of Stratham; Donovan Fenton, of Keene; Manny Espitia, of Nashua, and Mary Jane Mulligan, of Hanover.

The revolting poster was supported by Kurt Beswick, vice president of the Firearms Coalition, who appeared with the sign at the meeting.

Thanks to those who contacted the Committee Chairman to express your support of the bill. This made a difference.

The Bill

  • House Bill 687 would create an “Extreme Risk Protection Orders” process for families and authorities to request guns be temporarily removed from a dangerous person. 👍

17 states have passed red-flag gun laws. Five more are considering doing the same.