New Hampshire: ERPO bill passes House

Protect Born Children

The Extreme Risk Protection Orders bill passed the House this week by a 201 to 176 vote. The Senate is expected to pass the bill and the Governor is expected to veto it.

The Governor claims there is no need for the measure. His claim ignores the 123 deaths by guns a year in New Hampshire, 90 percent of which are suicides. An override by the House requires 267 votes to win.

Pro-gun proponents claim the bill violates constitutional rights of citizens to own a gun. However, 17 states have passed these “red-flag” type of gun laws. Five more are considering doing the same, yet the NRA refrains from taking this to the Supreme Court. Do they know that these types of laws are legal and constitutional?

In fine-tuning the bill, legislators gave special consideration to the rights of those involved. The bill makes it clear, it only applies to “extreme instances of crisis.” Also, a false report, or a false accusation, is a misdemeanor crime.

The Bill

  • House Bill 687 would create an “Extreme Risk Protection Orders” process for families and authorities to request guns be temporarily removed from a dangerous person. 👍

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