New Hampshire: Two gun control bills have hearings this week

I previously notified New Hampshire subscribers of a gun range restriction bill being heard by a committee on Thursday. Since then, the NRA alerted their members to attend a hearing on Wednesday to fight two gun control bills. Gun control supporters attending these meetings will help counteract the power of pro-gun groups.

The first bill would eliminate the loopholes allowing gun sales to go through without a background check. The second would require a three-day waiting period to receive a gun after purchase. This would allow a cooling off period for those buying a gun in anger.

The Bills

  • House Bill 1379-FN would require all private sales of firearms undergo a background check. 👍
  • House Bill 1101-FN would require a three-day waiting period to receive a purchased gun. 👍



Please consider attending the New Hampshire House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee meeting on Wednesday (Jan 22). The hearing is at 1:00 PM in Rooms 210-211 of the Legislative Office Building. Also, please call or email the office of your New Hampshire State Representative. Ask that they support these two bills being heard in committee this week. The bills are HB 1379-FN and HB 1101-FN, both would reduce gun violence in New Hampshire.