New Hampshire: Override vote Wednesday (9/18) of Governor’s veto

Guns Not Requlated

Be aware that the NRA just alerted their members to call their Representatives to fight this override. We need to support the override right now. Here is the chance to beat the NRA by offsetting the calls from gun fanatics. Each call will seem like 30 people believe the same thing.

The vote tomorrow is to get enough votes from the New Hampshire House to override Governor Sununu’s veto of three very good common-sense gun laws. It will not happen without calls that support New Hampshire Representatives who want to do the right thing.

The Bills

  • House Bill 109 would require all private transfers of guns to go through a licensed firearms dealer. 👍
  • House Bill 514 would require a three day waiting period to receive a purchased gun. 👍
  • House Bill 564 would make it unlawful to carry a gun in a safe school zone. Guns would need to stay in the car. 👍


Please call or email the office of your New Hampshire state Representative right now. Urge he/she to override the Governor’s veto of HB 109, HB 514 and HB 564. Ask that they please help stop the shootings.

  • To find your Representative’s phone and email, enter your address at
  • See our Advocacy page for guidelines in contacting your legislator.