Nevada Info: Governor signs a gun safety bill

Protective orders, both safe storage and bump stock ban become law

On Friday (06/14), Governor Steve Sisolak signed a gun safety bill into law. Unfortunately, it took the Las Vegas massacre last year to wake legislators up. Hopefully, in other states, 58 people dead and 851 injured won’t be necessary for enactment of good laws.

The bill will create a “red flag” or protective orders law, establish gun storage requirements and outlaw modifications that turn today’s assault weapons into automatic weapons. Congratulations to those who advocated for gun safety.

The Bill

👍 AB 291 will do the following:

  • Create a “red flag” procedure allowing family and authorities to request a judge remove guns from a dangerous person. The bill also includes language banning bump stocks.
  • Outlaw firearm modifications that allowed the Las Vegas massacre last year.
  • Expand on the current firearm storage requirements.

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