Nebraska: ERPO bill before the full legislature

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The Nebraska Judiciary Committee passed the Extreme Risk Protection bill. It now goes to the full legislature for a vote any day now. NRA gunners will be contacting their Nebraska legislators to oppose this bill. This is the moment to do the same and ask for support of Legislative Bill 58.

The Bill

  • Legislative Bill 58 would create a process to file an Extreme Risk Protection order allowing family members to request a judge remove guns from a person who is dangerous to themselves or others. 👍


Please call or email the office of your Nebraska State Legislators. Urge him or her to support Legislative Bill 58 which would decrease gun deaths from dangerous people.

  • To find your representative and senator’s phone and email, enter your address at Who are My Representatives.
  • Make sure you include your full name and address. Adding simple message from the heart is powerful. Keep it simple and make it personal if possible.
  • See our Advocacy page with legislator contact suggestions.
  • Comment on this alert at Stop Gun Madness.