Mother calls homicide “just a freak accident”

Guns Not Requlated

Once again, a parent diverts attention away from their criminal acts. In this Saint Louis incident, it was the negligent homicide of two children.

It happened at a family birthday party. Two related children, Paris Harvey 12 and Kuaron Harvey 14, died by gun fire in the apartment bathroom on March 25. As they made an Instagram video, Paris shot Kuaron. Then, according to the mother Shanise Harvey 35, the younger Paris got shot picking up the gun by the barrel. Both children died.

The investigation continues, but suspicion must point to the mother. Prior to the shooting, she paid little or no attention to the risk of a gun in the apartment. She didn’t know who the gun belonged to or how her daughter found it. She called it “just a freak accident.”

She ignored minimal gun safety as likely she never received any training. The fault lies with her and the Missouri legislature for ignoring gun safety and any requirements for training.